In a little over 3 years, we’ve worked with more than 31 national and international brands

We are today’s storytellers with a mission. To create stories that provide solutions to the business problems faced by brands, based on strong consumer insights and strategy. Through a unified consumer journey, our team builds roadmaps for some of India’s biggest brands to provide a clear direction on how to bring the scattered medium under one holistic communication. The foundation of our creativity begins with the search for the most relevant insight. Backed by research, we build the plot around a cracking idea that matches the insight. Our dedicated creative team in video, print, online and digital works together to deliver the message across multiple touch points.

We then add a layer of measurement to gauge the business shift our story has made.

After all there’s a reason why more than 31 national and international brands have worked with us in just three years. The LINKS India is part of the The LINKS Groupe, one of the biggest independent advertising unit in France, providing us with global expertise in innovation and a better vision for the future. Visit

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